CalcFeeder Pro v3 calcium reactor – AC2-Wifi Cloud Edition


Video on YouTube – how it works and how to configure it:

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Manual for controller – and how it works:

Please roll down page to product description(informations how that reactor is working)!
Family of CalcFeeder reactors:

1) CalcFeeder AC Mini(new!) – for aquariums up to 600l

Ac mini  –  26×24 cm

AC1 – 28×25 cm
AC2 – 34×30 cm
AC3 – 39×36 cm
AC4 – 44×41 cm

Media reactor volume – 6 liters / 6kg
Size:  260x240x550mm (WxDxH)

2) CalcFeeder AC1 – for aquariums up to 800l
Media reactor volume – 7 liters / 7kg
Size:  280x250x550mm (WxDxH)

3) CalcFeeder AC2 – for aquariums from 300 to 1400 liters
Media reactor volume – 12 liters/12 kg
Size:  340x300x550mm (WxDxH)

4) CalcFeeder AC3 – for aquariums from 500 to 2500 liters
Media reactor volume – 20 liters/20 kg
Size:  390x360x580mm (WxDxH)

5) CalcFeeder AC4 – for aquariums from 800 to 4000 liters
Media reactor volume – 29 liters/29 kg
Size:  440x410x580mm (WxDxH)

*Products can looks little different than on photos when upgrades in design will be done.

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